Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Swift Activation of Microsoft Teams Calling Plans

Don’t wait for Microsoft or others to slowly get you up and running. Our team will rapidly get you situated with a cost-effective calling plan and seat all of your members.

Retain Control over Your Phone Numbers, Dial Plans, and Their Portability

Public phone networks are a crucial part of integrating with Teams. So, why risk partnering with a non-phone provider when your customer interactions are on the line.

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Disconnected Numbers

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Call Failures

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Delayed Microsoft Support

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Inability to Engage with Customers

Masiero Connect for Teams Users

Effortlessly Migrate to Microsoft Teams With Masiero

Avoid number loss and problematic ports that disrupt your services. Masiero facilitates a gradual transition of numbers to ensure uninterrupted connectivity. We prioritize sustaining your business conversations by keeping you seamlessly linked.

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Partner with a Reliable Ally

While Microsoft excels in software, they are not a phone carrier. A carrier partner is essential for direct routing that offers performance and the tools necessary for your success.


Cut Costs by 40% Over Microsoft Calling Plans

Our adaptable calling plans deliver monthly savings of up to 40% when compared to buying directly from Microsoft.


Seamless Integration with Teams

Ensure a smooth migration of DIDs and Toll Free Numbers into Teams, with our proven approach.

Inventory of Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Numbers

Accessible domestic and international DID numbers for new sites, staff, or queues.

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Nationwide Emergency 911 Service

In adherence to the Ray Baum Act, our national 911 service ensures each phone number has a dispatchable address, fully compliant with safety in mind.

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Efficient Number Management

Once implemented with Masiero, control of your numbers and calling plans flows through a unified system, making modifications effortlessly accessible.

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Streamlined Communication

Masiero’s Microsoft Teams Direct Routing seamlessly links your PBX, enabling internal and external calls across all devices for streamlined communication.

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Calling Options for Your Needs and Budget

Tailored to your usage, our plans offer scalability—pay for what you utilize and easily adjust as your business evolves. We offer unlimited and metered strategies.

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Added Functionalities

Enhance your communication experience with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, featuring added functionalities such as Office 365 integration, video conferencing, file sharing, and more.

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Low Monthly Rates

Offered as a cloud-based solution with no initial capital investments, our service comes at a budget-friendly monthly fee. Discover the package that best suits your needs.

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Number Portability

Your current numbers will smoothly transition to Teams, ensuring business continuity and saving you valuable time through Local Number Portability all across the country.

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In the aftermath of a disaster, your company could potentially lose half of its revenue within five days, especially when facing challenges in communication and customer service.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Teams

Explore the top commonly asked questions about Teams Direct Routing for a deeper understanding of our offerings.

What is Microsoft Teams Direct Routing?

What’s required to enable Direct Routing?

Is any additional licensing needed?

Who handles the setup?

Do I still require my SBC?

The Masiero Learning Center

Access our thoughtfully curated content to address any questions you have concerning Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, SIP Trunking, SD-WAN, and more.

Are You Prepared for the Unexpected?

In the aftermath of a disaster, your company could potentially lose half of its revenue within five days, especially when facing challenges in communication and customer service.

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