Why Masiero Standardizes Lenovo Products

Its no secret that Lenovo is Masiero's go-to brand for anything Server, PC, Monitor, and Computer accessory related, but why is that?

Lenovo has been dominating the technology field for years. Their standard for quality products is the highest of the competition. The Masiero team puts quality first in any product, tool, or system we integrate which is why Lenovo was the easy option. Our team has run extensive tests on the leading PC brands and only Lenovo met the Masiero standard.

Lenovo M720 Tiny

The Lenovo M720 Tiny is our preferred  Desktop of choice. Tiny form factor, great performance, upgradability, and compatible with the Lenovo TIO Monitor.  This Desktop is a great option for any user looking to upgrade from that old desktop taking up space and collecting dust on the desk.

Lenovo X1 Carbon

The Lenovo X1 Carbon is business laptop of choice at Masiero. Sleek design, small physical footprint, and top of the line performance. A great option for a user on the go. Compatible with the Lenovo Dock to allow one connection to charge, use multiple monitors, and keyboard and mouse in the office or at home.

Contact us today for more information on Lenovo models or to request a Quote.

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