Why Masiero Voice? 5 Reasons Why It Beats Conventional Phone Service

A phone system is a vital part to a successful business. Conventional phone systems have been left in the dust as modern phone advancements have emerged in recent years. This blog will cover the top 5 features that the Masiero voice solution has over the traditional business phone system.

Starting off the list with one of the strongest features, Reliability. Reliability is imperative to any phone system, what good are the other features if the phone doesn't work. This is where our phone system really shines. Our system is cloud based with 99.999% uptime and advanced monitoring. This means the system is not tied to a location like older voice systems. Our phone do not require a analog connection, they work off a standard internet connection allowing them to work anywhere in the world as long as you have internet. Lost power at the office? National pandemic causing lockdowns? Office building has a mouse infestation? Not a problem, take the phone home and accomplish just as much as you would have in the office.

Next on our top five list is customization. Your business is personal to you, why shouldn't your phones be as well. Our phone system is designed to match your needs exactly and grow with your business. We offer endless customizations from phone models, custom branding, extension list, dial plan settings, voicemail features, available addons, the list goes on and on. We ensure the phones best meet your business needs.

Another important aspect of our phone system is Call Quality. Traditional analog systems are very limited in the quality they can produce. Our internet based system ensure you have the highest quality available for voice clarity. The days of having your call recipient repeat what they said for the third time is behind us.  

Next up on our list is features. As mentioned in the personalization section, our system offers a slew of features. Some voice features that our clients enjoy is call parking, conferencing, general and personal voicemailboxes, quick forward option to take calls on the go, dialplan options for open and closed hours, and voicemail to email. Truthfully, we could have dedicated a blog to just endlessly listing all of the features but we think you get the point.

The fifth item on our list is versatility. As discussed above, our system has no physical limitation. Our phone work everywhere. Being tied to a office building has become a growing issue with everything going on in the world. Being able to forward calls to cell within seconds, receive voicemail messages in email inbox, using desk phone anywhere with internet, and our softphone app solution ensures your business is online while the competition panics.  

Contact us today for more information on our voice solution or to request a Quote.

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