Masiero Project: The Clean / Modern Office Setup

Our team has been hard at work with multiple client projects in the recent months. One of these projects was for a client that was moving into a new office space. Appearance was of the utmost priority for the client as the office was located in a brand-new, modern-style, shared building. Our team takes pride in our clean installs, so we got right to work.

A Modern Workspace for the Modern Age.

Appearance is an important aspect of gaining clients and growing a business. Our team understands this and ensures the tech your business uses is sleek, eye-catching, and clean to ensure that you're grabbing your potential clients' attention.

Modern Office Space

No Closet Space to Hide Network Equipment? Not a Problem!

Our team has a very diverse client base. This allows us to fit the unique needs of our clients, regardless of what those needs are. In this case, the client did not have a closet space to hide their network equipment. Our team was able to adapt to his needs and conceal the equipment in his desk nook. This allows him to access the equipment if needed, while still keeping it hidden. Slick!

The Network Nook

The Biggest Culprit in Preventing a Modern Looking Office Space... The Cables

Cables can be the largest distraction in an office space. No matter how advanced the tech, if there are messy wires, the whole look is thrown off. Our team has been fixing rats nests of cables for years. We know how to turn a ball of cables into a slick, organized cable run. In this modern office project, our team secured all cabling under the desk, behind the TV, and in the monitor arms to create a cable-less look that our clients love. No visible cables not only means a cleaner look, but a safer workplace (how many times have we tripped on forgotten cables).

Stop Dealing with cabling "rats nests"


We enjoyed this project, and our client loved his new space. If you are interested in taking your office space to the next level, like our client was, click on the chat bubble on the lower right of your screen to begin an inquiry with our team.

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