Masiero Project: CPA Office Expansion

Our team has been hard at work with multiple client projects in the recent months. One of these projects was for a CPA client that was growing in size and wanted to expand into the office space next to their current space. The Project entailed running new cabling, replacing the network rack with a larger solution, upgrading to new Network Equipment, and installing our security camera system.

Cable Runs... We Like the Challenge

Running cabling can be the most difficult part of a project. If a building is not getting fully redone then more often than not, cables need to be run through and down preexisting ceilings and walls. This was the case for our client that was expanding into the newly available office space. Our team enjoys the challenge of these types of cable runs. One wall in the new space required cabling conduit due to the existence of structural supports for the building in the wall. Our team is always prepared for situations like this in which it might be considered impossible to run cabling.

Cabling conduit in the new client space

A Network Rack that Scales with Your Business

Our goal as a company is to support clients as they grow and ensure technology never holds them back. Since our CPA client was growing in size and adding a camera system, we upgraded his rack with new switches, wiring, an NVR for his camera system, and a powerful UPS to power all the equipment in an outage.

CPA Client Upgraded Rack

A Camera System Packed with Features and that Doesn't Take Up Space

The client upgraded their office space with our network camera solution to monitor and protect their work space. Our clients love the camera system for its easy to use app, small camera size, and storage / camera upgradability.

Compact camera system

Ask Us How We Can Improve Your Office Space

Contact us today to find out how our team can greatly improve your technology, workflow, and office space. Click on the chat bubble on the lower right of your screen to begin an inquiry with our team.

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