The Lenovo M720 Tiny

The Lenovo brand is the go too for everything computer, monitor, and accessory related  for our business and client base. One of our preferred models being the Lenovo M720 Tiny. This little guy packs a punch in performance, features, and upgradability.  

Lenovo M720 Tiny

The Lenovo M720 is a client favorite for a reason. With the tiny form factor this computer makes a great upgrade to replace the old desktop that's been taking up space and collecting dust for years. The tiny form factor makes it easy to place anywhere and regain the space on your desk once again. But the M720 has one more trick up its sleeve. This model is compatible with Lenovo's TIO (Tiny In One) Monitors. Which means that this model can be Docked into a Lenovo Monitor creating a all in one solution for a small, wire free, high performance computer that only takes up a footprint of a standard monitor.

Lenovo M720 and Lenovo TIO Monitor

The Lenovo M720 Paired with the Lenovo TIO Monitor and Keyboard and Mouse Makes for the perfect upgrade solution for every client. Top of the line performance, small physical footprint, and a slew of port and upgrade options. What's not to love?

Contact us today for more information or to request a quote to upgrade your workplace.

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